‘The Gardener’s Apprentice’ Numenera adventure set to be published by Metal Weave Games

preview art for website from apprentice

Art by Alexandre Mahboubi from “The Gardener’s Apprentice.” (Copyright Paranoid Automaton)

“The Gardener’s Apprentice,”a licensed Numenera adventure, is set to be published by Metal Weave Games with an anticipated release date of mid-February 2018.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point (years!) and I’m really excited to see it finally released!

The adventure is a pretty lengthy affair filled with color art by various and wonderful artists.

The PDF will be distributed through DriveThruRPG by Metal Weave Games who has done spectacular work producing some quality RPG material including Baby Bestiary; a 2-page spread from Bestiary is shown below.


Below is the introductory text of the “The Gardener’s Apprentice.”


A religious crisis in the capital city of Quendazaem threatens to end the ruling order founded upon the veneration of an automaton god. 

Rumors have circulated that the metal deity has been mysteriously deactivated which in turn has led to many seeing an opportunity to unseat the Church of Noromethreon as the dominant religion and ruling power of the city.

While the church and the dwindling faithful continue to wait for their god to reawaken, two desperate priests can wait no longer and secretly devise a blasphemous plan to force the resurrection of their god. 

Working outside the tenets of their religion, the priests have set into motion events which will either provide the church’s salvation or its damnation.



The Gardener’s Apprentice is an adventure set in the tabletop roleplaying game of Numenera which is set one billion years in Earth’s future. 

The adventure is made up of scenes involving a mix of investigation, discovery and combat. 

The Numenera Core Rulebook is needed to play the adventure. Numenera: In Strange Eons is recommended since a good portion of the creatures, discoveries and ideas presented in the adventure can cause Player Characters to suffer Intellect damage, descending them into madness. 

The Gardener’s Apprentice is divided into three sections with the first detailing the land of Xenthropa and the capital city of Quendazaem where the adventure begins. It’s then followed by the adventure itself which is suitable for four players using first-tier characters. 

A brief section follows describing Uncanny Relics, a new form of artifacts that incorporates GM Intrusions.






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