Interstellar Tree Armor from ‘The Gardener’s Apprentice’ (Copyright Paranoid Automaton)

Here’s another preview of my Numenera RPG adventure “The Gardener’s Apprentice” set for release this Fall.

I’ve introduced a new type of numenera in the adventure called Uncanny Relics which are powerful artifacts containing a GM intrusion.

There’s several of these relics placed in the adventure. They help to give the module a bit of an edge and uncertainty as these intrusions can manifest at any time; it’s the GM’s decision when the intrusion happens as always.

One of the Uncanny Relics in the adventure is the Interstellar Tree Armor rendered above by Tano Bonfanti, with a full description of the numenera below.

Interstellar Tree ArmorUncanny Relic 

Level: 1D6

Form: Initially a small violet and blue sliver of bark from an Interstellar Tree. Within a day it quickly envelops the user’s upper body with curling, colorful branches giving the PC 3 points of armor (Acts as medium armor). The user’s head is also covered in an array of antlers made of the same material. The bark is very malleable and does not hinder any type of motion.

Effect: The user can communicate with sentient plant based lifeforms.

Depletion: 1 in 1D20

GM Intrusion: This intrusion is best used when the party decides to take a break and rest somewhere. When they awaken they find themselves atop a 100-foot Interstellar Tree produced by the armor. They must climb down the tree while staving off any dangers from predators who are in the area.


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