The Advanced Guard by Simon Goinard. (Copyright Simon Goinard)


It’s been some time since my last update since I’ve been busy with work for the past several months, but through it all I’ve managed to work on the project devoting as much time as I can. With the expected ease in workload moving forward, I’m anticipating working more on the project with an expected release date of Fall 2017.

There’s been a few changes to Automatonera since my last update, one of them being quite significant.

First, the name change from Automatonera to The Gardener’s Apprentice.

There were a few factors in changing the name of the project. Out of the emails and questions I receive about the anthology, one of the questions that keep popping up is how to pronounce Automatonera? (It’s uh-tomuh-ton-era.)

In addition to simplifying the name (maybe just a tad bit), I also wanted to have a clearer reference to the mix of science fiction and fantasy elements to the name, since Numenera is based upon those genres.

The second change is the addition of a new artist to the project with French artist Simon Goinard producing some art.

He’s a talented artist (check out more of his art here) and has worked with numerous publications before.

I’m glad to have him aboard as with all the other artists who have contributed some amazing art.

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