The moment has passed from the night
I have fled from the captor’s sight
To a far off land where I may take flight
From those who would hunt by the moon
But would tremble at the brunt of the sun
I seek the coast of Vorlandelyn
Into the city of Qu-Belai

The moment is closing in and near
I behold the violet city far from fear
At the ocean’s rim where it lays clear;
From the sand I sense a forbidden path
Blown by a wild wind of hidden wrath
I walk the coast of Vorlandelyn
To the city of Qu-Belai

The moment is upon me as I gaze warily
I have fled to towers that rise eerily
To the sky disappearing into purity;
From palace crumbled to dark ruin
To madness dissolved by dark doom
I vanish from the coast of Vorlandelyn
Before the city of Qu-Belai

Poem by Automatonera.

Art by Allison Chin.

Allison Chin is an illustrator, and concept and visual development artist based in Texas. For more of her work click here.

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