Kannorador for Preview

City of Quendazaem in Xenthropa. Art by Oscar Gregeborn. (Copyright Paranoid Automaton)

A couple of big news announcements for the Automatonera project that I thought I would pass along.

First of all the project is expanding.

My original idea for Automatonera was three short stories and three short adventures with a few art pieces. I’m happy to say that the adventures will now be full-fledged modules with several art color pieces with an accompanying introductory art for the short stories.

The plan is to release the project in three segments with each containing an adventure and story. Barring any unforeseen delays, the first release is still scheduled for this summer, early fall at the latest.

The first release is entitled “AUTOMATONERA I: XENTHROPA” and contains the adventure “A PRICELESS DISSONANCE” and the story “THE ECLIPSE OF THE HYDROCROPOLIS” all of which takes place in Xenthropa, a beautiful but treacherous jungle in the Ninth World of Numenera.

I’ve incorporated the works of Oscar Gregeborn and Tano Bonfanti into the adventure, and have commissioned art pieces from them exclusive to the project.

Finding the right artists for “A Priceless Dissonance” was a difficult task compared to the other adventures, since the settings incorporate very surreal and strange environments ranging from a city that emulates the bizarre jungle that surrounds it to a subterranean jungle beneath.

When I came across Oscar Gregeborn’s fantastic surrealistic and dreamlike work, I knew his style would be a perfect fit. His uncanny work mainly revolves around environments and structures fit in the science fiction and fantasy mold. I was completely mesmerized when I saw his portfolio with the many intricate details he utilized in his extravagant and weird vistas.

You can find more of Oscar’s work here.

Tano Bonfanti, who I’ve spoken about before, is also contributing and producing several art pieces for the adventure like the original piece below made specifically for Automatonera.


An Ayordan priest of Quendazaem. Art by Tano Bonfanti. (Copyright Paranoid Automaton)

Tano’s design and color work continues to amaze me to no end and I’m more than thrilled that he’s not only become a major part of this adventure but the whole project; his work is also expected to be featured in the second volume of Automatonera.

The second big development in the project I mentioned will be announced shortly, stay tuned!


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