Scholars and adventurers have been known to continue their search for the Dreamscape City of Dormanthalas well into their later years, devoting their entire lives to a city that may not even exist in the Ninth World.

The majority find nothing but extravagant and unbelievable tales of creatures, structures, lifeforms, and even beliefs that could only come into being from dreams.

One such fantasy that drives many, especially those in the scientific field, to seek out the dream city is that of an athenaeum dedicated to the study of a civilization that disappeared during a prior age.

Those lucky enough to enter the large golden brown halls of the giant structure say visitors are greeted by metal creatures with elongated heads and a giant mirror-like eye. It is through these beings, called Delossets, that information can be obtained on Oscitana, a strange underwater city home to horrific, but peaceful humanoid fish-like creatures that mysteriously vanished centuries ago.

As with much of Dormanthalas, information and sights gathered from the athenaeum have been debated since the origin of everything from the city are dreams.

However, books have been written how an increasingly number of ideas and beings in Dormanthalas can be traced to relics found in the Ninth Age; including that of Oscitana’s Evolution Equation, an incomplete formula that postulates to evolve specific traits in different beingsand if complete, possibly start an evolution of mass proportion.

Fayalyn, a young aspiring scholar, came to learn of the idea of the evolution equation through her benefactor, the Lady Quintanessa of Mulen in Iscobal.

Lady Quintanessa is known to be of an eccentric, in both her manners and her clothing to which is provided to the twin princesses of Mulen who are devoted fans of the automaton-organic half breed’s odd attire and character.

Alas, the same cannot be said for the greater population of Mulen, who thinks of the lady’s work as grotesque and too complex. Frustrated with the “failings” of the city’s citizens to recognize “true brilliance,” Quintanessa surmised that the people of Mulen found her nature distasteful since they had not evolved to her level of thought.

The lady entrusted Fayalyn with the daunting task of locating Oscitana’s Evolution Equation so that she may use it to usher a new age of thought into the Ninth World with her as their guide, a thought that both repulsed and perplexed the scholar.

Fayalyn, feigning gratitude and agreement, collected copies of Quintanessa’s books and Holotabs on the equation and began her search for Dormanthalas, but she had no intention of giving the equation to the lady, whom she thought to be too naive and ignorant of the power of the equation.

Although the idealistic young scholar sought to conceal her search (and information) for the equation as she ventured throughout the Steadfast, many of the people Fayalyn spoke to regarding the equation began to put the pieces together and started their own plans to find the equation, much to the detriment of the young scholar.

Unfortunately, Fayalyn’s benefactor, the Lady Quintanessa, came to the realization that her former student had other plans for the equation that did not include her.

Fayalyn is now in a deadly race with rivals that include former friends and organizations with questionable intent to find an evolution equation that may be used for anything but its true intent.

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