The Dreamscape City of Dormanthalas lies in a gargantuan metal and synth structure which appears to be a saucer-like head staring into the heavens of the Ninth World of Numenera.

Those who claim to have successfully found the strange metropolis say it lies just on the outskirts of Northern Iscobal.

However, many travelers have failed to find Dormanthalas, swearing the city does not exist. Some say the city can only be found during the odd times of the day and sometimes in dreams.

Even scholars who have sought information and stories found in books and Holotabs, discover differing accounts of what the actual enclosed interior of the city looks like.

One of many theories that is gaining traction among scientists on Dormanthalas’ nature, is by a scholar and writer named Adranton Jascotte who asserts that he has visited the city on numerous occasions.

Jascotte claims the city is in a state of continuing change as its buildings, roads, rivers, hills, nearby moons and some life forms are the by-product of the dreams of the city’s population which solidify due to an unknown power/entity within the city.

In one chapter of Jascotte’s book, Domains of Dormanthalas, the writer tells of  living in a transparent blue-green winding building with large blue circular domes in 100 feet intervals. After waking up on his seventh day of his stay at the odd structure, he found the winding building had transformed into a purple oblong tower with bridges extending to various circular structures of bright orange colors.

Although his book has many accounts of fascinating spectacles (and creatures) within the city, he does warn that there is of course a potential for grave danger since the dreams of the population, made up of humans and abhumans, of Dormanthalas can be nightmarish at times.

Jascotte cites one occasion where he was traveling on a floating bridge on his way to meet a 200-year-old cypher craftsman, when parts of the bridge transformed into a singular entity covered in giant mouths with overly long metallic fangs. Fortunately, Jascotte says the guardians of Dormanthalas arrived in time and “undid” the malicious dreams come-to-life.

The Dream Devastators of Dormanthalas are not their actual names but one that Jascotte gave them after witnessing them performing their tasks, which is nightmare destruction and deviant imprisonment. Jascotte describes them as dark purple metallic automatons, 12 to 15-feet in height with cycloptic saucer-like heads, and limbs of curved metal.

According to Jascotte’s book, what had troubled him the most about the Devastators were not their raw metal alien appearances, but their childlike voices paired with an adult-like maturity.


“A disturbing, but desperately needed group of automatons that help to keep the amazing Dreamscape City of Dormanthalas from turning into a horrific wasteland filled with creatures that can only be produced from the strange dreams of the city’s denizens.”

                                                          ~Adranton Jascotte, scientist & writer

A Dream Devastator solely exists within the confines of the mysterious Dreamscape City of Dormanthalas. It’s one purpose is to scout the ever-changing city and annihilate dream entities or visitors who seek to cause harm or disrupt the city and its citizens in any way.

Motive: Defense of Dormanthalas; Curiosity

Environment: Anywhere within Dormanthalas

Health: 20

Armor: 2

Movement: Short; long when flying

Modification: Speed defense as level 5 due to its size

Combat: A Dream Devastator can emit a powerful blast from its cycloptic eye which can be used to erase, blind, damage or incapacitate depending on the target’s origin.

For dream entities or structures, the blast completely disintegrates the dream to oblivion. If the dream is of a larger scale, the entity will slowly disappear until it becomes nothing.

When used on living creatures, a successful blinding blast will blind the victim where difficulty rolls are increased by 2 for two rounds. A damage blast will deal 6 points of damage.

There have been times when the Devastator seeks to better understand a “deviant” and its thoughts. It it is in this regard, the Devastator uses its cycloptic eye to subconsciously incapacitate the creature. The creature then finds themselves in a dream environment of the Devastator’s choosing which will facilitate a study of the creature.

There is no known record of what transpires in these studies, since for the most part, “deviants” are never seen again in the waking world.

Once per two rounds, the Devastator can produce a nightmare entity (Level 3, HP: 3, Damage: 4)  of its choosing to aid in its tasks, whether it be espionage or combat in nature. When seen for the first time, PCs must make an intellect roll or suffer 3 intellect damage and lose one turn.

If the opponent is a living creature, the automaton will attempt to attack the creature into subconsciousness by using brute force in the form of its claw like arms, then deliver the being to the Wonderfells, a family of scholars who act somewhat as a counsel of Dormanthalas.

Interaction: A Dream Devastator will attempt to be helpful to any citizens or visitors to the dream city, but its knowledge of the city itself is limited. It will relate past experiences of structures and creatures that piqued its interest. At times, the automaton appears to have life-like qualities by expressing feelings of awe, amusement or revulsion of things it has been exposed to in the city.

All Devastators have child-like voices but appear to be adult in maturity.

Use: The Wonderfells of Dormanthalas have hired the PCs to investigate a part of the dream city where a few Devastators have been “malfunctioning” and creating its own city of nightmares based upon those they “erased.”

Loot: Within the wreckage of a Dream Devastator is 1d6 cyphers and 1d4 oddities.

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