“Countless crusades, voyages, padrusteliks, and time distortions have been undertaken to uncover past knowledge and devices so that denizens of this world may survive in our time and forge a future.”

“But, does the future lie in the past?”

“When the Phase-Duke of Channorador, a Dalworter automaton, desired to increase his sentience, he sought a numenera believed to give machines and traclyfices a vastly increased grasp of the human condition. With great determination, his loyal subjects and creators, the Neismokesise, found and embedded this device within the quartz heads of their phase-duke.”

“Alas, the past does not always align with the present.”

“A page of the shattered glass chronicle of the Neismokesise documents the phase-duke’s awakening,’As something laughed from within, it went mad and ruled from side to side.'”

“The future lies in the past.”

– Thrayzh, the echo walker and Iron Wind breather


Phizilogicks believe the Ninth World is corrupt and chaotic when compared to the eras that have come before.

“There is no unity, no commonality between cultures, quilesirnans, cities, towns, smeritas, people, creatures…we are not one,” excerpt from a recorded chronicle of Thrayzh, the echo walker and Iron Wind breather.

The order believes entropy reigns supreme due to the constant search and use of numenera, devices of the past which are being used in a prevalent manner to assist beings in their lives.

If all living things, mainly humans, focused their attention on new ideas and machines rather than numenera, we then can begin a new era, albeit deficient of anything that has come before, but one that is definitive, unified, and in harmony, according to the Phizilogicks.

The core beliefs of the order has drawn many throughout the years, but recently, Phizilogicks is in the decline.

The group’s membership has dwindled as attempting to live a safe, productive and adventurous life in the Ninth World is almost impossible without the use of some type of numenera assistance; a late and deadly realization for many believers.

What’s made it even worse for the order is the departure of the Phizilogicks founding Aeguldus, Thrayzh the echo walker and Iron Wind breather who appears to be an automaton, a debatable subject even among those remaining in the order.

Clad in dark orange and olive robes, and covered in heavily rusted metals, Thrayzh abandoned his order after claiming to have “heard” the Iron Wind speak to him during an unusual and chaotic pilgrimage in The Beyond.

When Thrayzh returned from his journey, he was breathing through a complex cable apparatus connected to three oddly shaped tubes of differing sizes attached to his back.

Two dimly lit holographic images of himself also accompanied him to the left and right; one showing an action he took three seconds ago, while the other showing an action he would take three seconds into the future.

“I have been deceived and in turn you have been deceived,” Thrayzh told his weary followers, most of whom would soon abandon the order. “The future of this world does indeed lie in its past.”

“We must resurrect the past.”

“Synchronicity is the key.”

Thrayzh constantly searches the Ninth World for individuals or groups to assist him with what he calls “Synchronicity,” his idea of achieving a new “uniformed” world by revitalizing/re-energizing a certain numenera he names Cyntharan.

Once all Cyntharan are activated, a task Thrayzh says will take between 5 years and 5 millennia, a “new world” will be created where humans will be given the option of living in the “chaos of the Ninth World or the uniformity of The New World.”

According to Thrayzh, the Iron Wind which he now breathes through his newly developed apparatus, “speaks” to him of where the Cyntharan lies, most of which are lost cities yet to be discovered.

Thrayzh says the Cyntharan metropolises and numenera can only be reactivated at certain times or seasons which are charted by the direction and speed of Iron Wind in The Beyond; Cyntharan that is activated out-of-season disrupts Thrayzh’s plans and may add decades to the completion of Synchronicity.

The Iron Wind breather is currently seeking help to stop a human nano, Spadregal Tamalond, from activating a ship in the Kavasian Apartach, an uncharted and immense ocean ship port where vessels of all sizes, shapes, colors and uses are docked.

Thrayzh says the ships found abandoned in the Apartach are bewildering, strange and are very difficult to comprehend, but Spadregal has spent decades studying one and is close to activating it which may disrupt the current season of Synchronicity, the clear phase, since the ships and port are Cyntharan.

Adventurers are warned by Thrayzh, that although no living being other than Spadregal exists in the gigantic Apartach, Spadregal may have reactivated and aligned himself with incomprehensible beings and ideas that are both “delightful and destructive.”

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