Numenera value throughout the Ninth World is varied depending upon the use of the device, the condition, its origin, and the dealer or collector who wishes to procure it.

But not all shimmering and impressive devices claim the highest price. Sometimes it’s the dullest and deviating artifacts that can lead to the most sought out rewards…if you know the right buyer.

One well-known and established dealer is the blue plasma energy-based humanoid Stratozyclonus who deals with “corrupted” Numenera to which he will offer valuable information and sometimes fragments of once-powerful devices.

Stratozyclonus, who clothes himself in heavy malleable metal blue robes to protect his clients and associates, resides in the upper tiers of the floating mechanical metropolis of Automata.

His immense emporium of unusual and marvelous fragmented numenera is one of the many spectacles of the automaton city. Stratozyclonus’ collection is only rivaled in numbers by the Iron Sorceress’ collection in her keep, the Parathade, at the center of the city.

Stratozyclonus prized collection includes the Fy-Cathede, a 30-foot floating semi-circular device that emanates a variety of hundreds of lights and sounds depending on the closest sentient being it is near, and the Kyarlant, a non-intelligent multi-winged automaton that can change the direction of gravity, covering a 50-foot area.

Aside from being a widely known merchant of ancient devices, Stratozyclonus is notorious for his ability to sense what he deems “corrupted” numenera; a notion that has some thinking highly of him for such a feat, while others think less of him assuming a type of insanity has overcome him.

According to Stratozyclonus, an exact duplicate of himself, which he has named Negative 1, exists in an alternate reality where everyone lives in extremely deplorable conditions due to his counterpart’s actions.

Negative 1 seeks to infect the Ninth World reality by corrupting numenera.

Stratozyclonus claims that one day, when hundreds of thousands of numenera are corrupted, Negative 1 will use its power to come to the Ninth World. The numenera dealer has done his best to protect the world by “sensing” the corruption, hiring others to secure it, cleansing it and finally displaying it in the emporium.

His means of acquiring the corrupted numenera can be very extreme if the owner is not willing to part with it.

Rumor has it Stratozyclonus has aligned himself with individuals and groups of suspicious and deceptive nature to collect the corruption; but “it’s all for the good of the world.”

However, if adventurers are willing to help in the cleansing of numenera, Stratozyclonus is all but willing to take them up in their offer. Rewards to his supporters include much sought out information and pieces of once-powerful numenera that could also give insight into other discoveries and may one day become fully functional if the other fragments are located.


Technology Class: Cypher with permanent abilities (Unfragmented)
Level: 1d6+3
Wearable: Long dark blue cloak with silver linings and symbols throughout with an image of an octagon with five pointed lines in the center. The cloak is held fast with an octagon-shaped metal silver pendant which is cracked down the middle.
Fragments: 1) Time Ockular Pendant – Location: Stratozyclonus Emporium 2) Cloak of the Trailblazer – Location: Unknown

Effect: The user is able to turn back time for 10 seconds or if in combat redo his previous action. The wearer is the only one who will remember its use.

Provides a permanent defense on all time based attacks to the user by decreasing the level of difficulty by one step. Additionally, the cloak provides a +1 to armor, +1 to intellect edge (not surpassing an edge of 3) and +5 to intellect pool.

Status: Incomplete. The Cloak of the Trailblazer remains missing with unsubstantiated reports that a foul creature in Xenthropa is using it as an “ornament.”

Use: Stratozyclonus will offer the Time Ockular Pendant to adventurers who are willing to retrieve a corrupt numenera within the City of Automata. A noblewoman who’s enormous synth steel tower residence is decorated in time keeping devices, or time revolvers, has a corruption. Stratozyclonus wants the corruption by any means necessary.

He has no qualms if the job has a deadly nature to it, but advises stealthy actions whether it be thievery or by hiring a third party to break into the tower.

The numenera dealer has heard of rumors of tower guards who attack with weapons that revolve around time.

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