Unlike her four sisters, Chaltharane Sarromere has kept her family name and still calls herself a princess of Iscobal of the Ninth World.

The eldest daughter of deposed Queen Whenith Sarromere, Chaltharane finds no reason to hide who she is even though countless many curse her mother’s name every day.

Princess Chaltharane is considered the most humane and human of the sisters, with rumors abound of the remaining sisters’ transformation whether it be that of alignments or the physical. The most recent rumor is of the youngest sister becoming a gigantic oceanic creature, but no one knows of whose will the transformation occurred.

Nevertheless, Chaltharane takes refuge from her haunted past and family by exploring the past of others in hopes of finding an answer to her family’s true destiny.

Chaltharane is well aware of the grave danger her name brings her, and travels beside her husband, the retired but wise and dangerous glaive Joranus Bregaran who has dealt with many of his wife’s would-be assassins.

Together they explore the Ninth World on a tour of well-known and rumored Numenera locales, enjoying the unusual and wondrous sights that can only come from ages past.

Recently, the couple’s journey has taken them to the tranquil white pristine coastal city of Vorlandelyn where a giant glass circular artifact known as the Paladeridun hovers thousands of feet above the city.

The City of Vorlandelyn sits on a white reef coast surrounded by rich forests, farmlands,  mountain ranges and a multitude of rivers; a stark contrast to the outlying areas which are cold desert wastelands filled with odd creatures of evil nature.

The city’s denizens attribute Vorlandelyn’s serenity and peaceful nature to the ever present Paladeridun which floats above the city and emits harmonic sounds that affect all things who hear it, evoking a feeling of peace and calm to sentient beings.

Some believe the artifact is calling out to something, but nothing has answered it yet.

The Paladeridun is made up of several interconnected giant semi-transparent glass-like monoliths, and stays stationary several thousands of feet above Vorlandelyn.

The elders of the city have surmised that it’s possible that the original nature of the Paladeridun was to create a hospitable environment where none seemed possible before; a feasible theory given that Vorlandelyn was very similar to its empty neighboring lands before the appearance of the artifact.

With Chaltharane’s arrival in Vorlandelyn, many are eager to see and speak to the former Iscobal princess about her mother, who as they have heard, caused great turmoil in lands far from their coast.

Fortunately for Chaltharane, there is one among them that has no interest in her past but her future.

Torabon, a humanoid automaton, offers the princess a weapon of immeasurable power that can annihilate cities or armies in seconds, which would benefit Chaltharane if she would ever consider reclaiming the throne of Iscobal from the current rulers, an idea that she had once thought about long ago.

According to Torabon, the key to this great weapon is a harmonic artifact that lies deep within a cavern in the mountain range that surrounds Vorlandelyn.

Torabon says the great weapon is activated when certain notes are played on the artifact.

The weapon itself, Torabon tells the princess, is right above the city.

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