Life Essence Extractors are long range emitters that drain the life force of targets to the benefit, and at times detriment, of its user.

Archane Suvalant was the first known person of the Ninth World to document the existence of the extractors.

Suvalant was one of many Nanos hired to help excavate an ancient tower deep underground in a mountainous region near Navarene’s capital city of Charmonde.

On the the third week of the excavation, a large oblong room was located with bright yellow crystal chambers containing different colors of liquid. Suvalant came upon the Life Essence Extractors which had been attached to each of the 12 crystal chambers.

Two nights later, another Nano, who was part of the scholarly expedition but had devious goals in mind, attempted to steal the extractors and sell them to the highest bidder. Suvalant discovered the traitorous Nano who then armed himself with one of the extractors and fired.

Unfortunately, the Nano had not fully understood the multitudes of functions the weapon had, and although Suvalant was injured by the extractor, the weapon had also affected its user by turning him into liquid form.

Suvalant then began to study the artifact and surmised that its original use was not intended for harm, but as a medical tool. But whatever beings used the tools were made up of a strange composition unlike anything in the Ninth World, so that it’s use in the current age would be of a completely different nature than its creators intended.


LEVEL: 1d12

FORM: A silver, gold and copper long range emitter with several copper and gold coils wrapped around the weapon. A white crystal barrel protrudes from the front end, while two small tubes extend from the back end.

In order to activate the weapon, the tubes must be injected into its user’s living body. When the extractor senses the life force it is ready to fire.


Setting 1 – Extracts 8 points of damage from target. Costs the user 4 points of damage. Successful hit regenerates 6 points back to the user.

Setting 2 – Takes sight away from the target. Costs the user 6 points of damage. Successful hit regenerates 8 points of damage.

Setting 3 – Takes hearing away from the target. Costs the user 6 points of damage. Successful hit regenerates 8 points of damage.

Setting 4 – Target moves down two places on damage track, while the user moves down one place. Successful hit moves user up one on damage track.


Each time the extractor is fired, there is a 25% chance that the artifact may malfunction.

01-50 – No effect.

51-60 – The user grows an appendage from the intended target, whether it be an extra arm, leg, tail, etc. The appendage will slowly wilt away after 2 hours.

61-80 – The user takes on the mindset of the intended target. Lasts 5 rounds.

81-90 – The user is synched to the intended target’s physical damage and suffers all damage taken from the target so far.

91-96 – The user and targets mind briefly merge. User and target stunned for 5 rounds.

96-00 – User transforms into liquid form.

Depletion: 1 in d10

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