Nearly a century ago, an Aeon priest of the Order of Truth was called to a village on the Plains of Kataru of the Ninth World of Numenera following reports of an odd and miraculous event.

Recently, the village of Kalayaun and its people had suffered greatly when a small war between its monstrous neighbors inadvertently created a terrible plague that spread throughout the village, killing dozens and sickening hundreds.

When the priest arrived, the villagers claimed that all their children had awoken in the middle of the night and beheld a humanoid like being with several faces floating in the sky above.

According to the children, the being told them it had traveled from another time and another place to locate its god which it claims was abducted long ago by an enormous craft. Suddenly, the night sky became a giant canvas showing a giant image of a violet humanoid being being dragged into a multi-legged craft.

Oddly enough, the being did not question the children if they had seen its lost master or the craft, but instead flashed a silver light throughout the area which healed all sickness in the village.

The being then disappeared.

The Aeon priest and others spoke to several children who gave similar accounts of the event, and found that the plague that had once gripped a large number of the villagers had disappeared. The priest and his delegation examined all who claimed to have been healed or grew back missing limbs, and found them to be perfectly healthy.

No solid evidence was found to substantiate the children’s account of the multi-faced being.

The children who allegedly witnessed the event eventually grew up and had children of their own who all searched for answers to the mysterious event.

In recent times, a few Aeon priests have surmised that in addition to healing the denizens of Kalayaun, the silver being may have altered the minds of the children to continue to search for its master, and recruit others in the task.

The grandchildren of those who beheld the mysterious sight, and those who followed them in their search of the missing god, are known as Hunters of the Violet God.

In the present day of the Ninth World, the town of Braxtulun, almost hidden near the Southern Wall of Matheunis, has come to the attention of one of the Hunters of the Violet God, Romanna Quice.

Braxtulun is made up of several dozens of wooden and granite buildings that hug the base of a small mountain range where a gigantic grayish and orange saucer like craft appears to have crashed.

Romanna’s interest in Braxtulun rest solely on the ship’s similarities to the craft claimed to have been seen by her grandfather nearly 100 years ago in Kalayaun.

The people of Braxtulun refer to the ship as the Quanterasol, named after the human explorer who found the ship and started the town, although there are some that say the explorer was devious and may have used murder to discover the ship.

After several days talking to residents and examining what she could of the exterior of the ship, Romanna was almost certain that the Quanterasol was indeed the craft her ancestors saw in a vision many years ago.

Not long after, Romanna began to have dreams of someone in the Quanterasol speaking and beckoning to her to come inside.

The Overseer of Braxtulun has promised Romanna entry in the ship, which is considered a sacred sanctuary with admittance allowed to a select few, after she exposes herself to tests and rituals which, according to the Overseer, will detect any plot to steal from the ship or deceive the town.

Unbeknownst to Romanna, the being she seeks is in the ship, however it is no god but a horrific malevolent dimensional giant violet humanoid being known as Devaxanoid who lies imprisoned within the deep corridors of the enormous ship.

Devaxanoid has become aware of Romanna’s unnatural but unique inner composition, possibly due to her ancestors’ exposure to the silver being, and wishes to study and ultimately brainwash her to become another of his growing minions.

After what seems like ages, Devaxanoid finds himself unable to escape his confinement on the mysterious Quanterasol ship and seeks to find any means of escape by using the people of the town, including the Overseer, and those susceptible enough to believe he is a god.

Recently, Devaxanoid has become aware that other unseen beings on the ship, which he believes were also abducted from other times and worlds, have begun to awaken for some unknown reason.

It’s a notion that weighs heavy on Devaxanoid’s mind and may spell doom for the town of Braxtulun.

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