What do people and creatures of the Ninth World of Numenera dream about? Is it any more fantastic than the weird world to which they inhabit?

And more importantly, can those dreams be of any use in the waking world?

An affluent family in the Steadfast seeks answers to those very questions…but to whose benefit?

The Wonderfells of Faulkirk are well-known voyagers of the Ninth World dreamscape seeking answers through dreams. The family, currently led by patriarch Zellwynn Wonderfell, claim to have been traveling the dreamscape for nearly half a century using an uncanny artifact they discovered in the disappearing town of Faulkirk in Northern Iscobal.

It is through the work of the Wonderfells that has enabled many scholars to have a better understanding of diverse subjects that include fears, cyphers, diets of various creatures, architecture and theories.

The family has also been given a task by kingdoms of the Steadfast to investigate a strange occurrence that has been increasing over the decades. Scholars have reported that unknown beings have been invading the dreams of people and creatures, sometimes causing irrevocable damage to their psyche.

Most often the victims cannot recall the violation until years later. Some even claim that ideas they once thought of at the time, no longer existed in their minds after the violators visit.

Intellectuals who have been studying the phenomenon call these raiders of the dreamscape, The Dreamnauts.

Unbeknownst to the greater public, the Dreamnauts and the Wonderfells are one in the same.

The Dreamnauts live in the town of Faulkirk located in northern Iscobal. The large town is built upon a gargantuan structure made out of metal, glass and synth that resembles a giant saucer shaped head looking slightly upwards.

Some travelers seeking Faulkirk, swear that the town does not exist. However, those who have been successful in tracking the mysterious town, say the location can only be found during odd times of the day and sometimes in “dreams.”

The Wonderfells have been successfully deceiving scholars of the Ninth World in their masquerade to find the Dreamnauts for decades with no one the wiser. The Wonderfells are made up of Zelwynn, Reluna, Zanus and Ravina.

The patriarch of the Wonderfells, Zelwynn is the domineering and intellectual scholar of the family. Zelwynn’s original intentions with the dreamscape were noble, but upon discovering unfathomable possibilities of great knowledge through the pillaging of creatures’ minds, he slowly moved his focus from the benefit of others to the benefit of himself, to the greater detriment of his victims.

Reluna is not as interested in the certain and concrete knowledge that her husband steals from the dreams of others, as she is in the ideas that could only bear fruition in the dreamscape. The matriarch is more interested in the artistic aspects of the denizens of the Ninth World, from writers who dream about unwritten books that solve the mysteries of a bygone era, to the artists who think of creating paintings depicting creatures of a world that has yet to come into existence.

Many artisans who were on the cusp of great works in their dreams can thank Reluna for the disappearance of their ideas.

Zanus is the couple’s spoiled adult son who refuses to grow up, and uses the dreamscape to enjoy debauchery and torture, leaving some of his victims in a catatonic state or worse.

An abhuman female who was asleep for nearly five months, recalled to a Nano that she had been endlessly reliving a painful death that involved a multi-headed creature that was devouring her slowly on a large cylinder. The abhuman said before her terror journey began she recalled another dream where she accidentally spilled some sort of drink on a man.

Ravina is perhaps the most dangerous of the Dreamnauts. Recently, she has discovered ways of transporting subjects and ideas from the dreamscape into the real world for a limited amount of time. Her father, mother and brother are unaware of her deadly and erratic discovery which has taken a toll on Ravina’s sanity.

Not too long ago, a woman sought to locate her missing husband who was last seen in Faulkirk during a battle to protect the town from an unseen force. She had heard a few stories that there were many injuries, and deaths through decapitation.

The woman feared the worst which led to nightmares of a headless husband.

As the woman ventured toward Faulkirk, she died of fright after seeing her husband walking towards her with his head in his arm. Glaives reported only finding the body of the woman, much to Ravina’s comfort.

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