After talking with several players and writers, who were all kind enough to take some time to look over portions of my campaign and the first-draft outline, I’ve decided to create a new location for the Numenera campaign, The Paranoid Automaton.

Xenthropa is the new location which lies within the Caecilian Jungle in the Beyond of the Ninth World. Every location in the campaign is weird sci-fantasy and has a different tone and focus. With Xenthropa, elements of brutal savagery, perplexing life forms, rival adventurers and long forgotten horrors will permeate this segment.

I had intended to use my idea of Xenthropa for another campaign, but after talking and consulting with several people, I decided to incorporate as many locations (and options) as I could for my current campaign.

Xenthropa, like Zelectran’s Festival of Sound, Pendagran and Fallenstar, represents one of several locations the players may travel to in the campaign. I do also have another location gestating in my mind, but rest assured, I am going to limit the campaign’s locations to five as I fully intend to finish The Paranoid Automaton by this summer.

Currently, I’m writing the second draft of Zelectran’s Festival of Sound, which is all about, as the title suggests, the extravagance and how individuals and groups attempt to fascinate the citizens of the Ninth World, all the while hiding agendas that may or may not be to the audience’s liking.

Right now, the second draft is more than 20,000 words, and I’m expecting it to be at least 45,000 by the end.

Below you will find a short preview of a transporting artifact specifically created for Zelectran’s Festival of Sound that players may encounter.

1-89 – Successfully transported to Anullahailas
90-97 – Transported to unnamed desert planet where the PC spends five years of his life. When the PC is eventually transported to Anullahailas, it only seems that  an hour has passed between the time it took to transport from Lygalenel to Anullahailas. Very little detail is remembered due to the transportation, although the PC vaguely remembers he had many adventures and just as many horrific encounters. The difficulty level for the PC is increased by one for any encounters involving a 10-foot or larger being. PC moves up one tier.
98-00 – Forever travels the universe in energy form and does not return to consciousness.

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