Art from the Quazerdale Anthology. (Copyright Paranoid Automaton)

I’m happy to announce that the first draft of the anthology is complete!

The project was a long time coming as those followed the progress knows. 

What follows for me is editing and revisions which should take me a lot less time than writing it; I’m estimating that the process will take about two months.

After that, it’s off to get formatted and published; the short story and poems in the anthology have already been completed.

The only things remaining are a few art pieces for the adventure which should be completed in the next few weeks.

As of right now, the project when completed will be published in PDF format as originally stated and will be available through DriveThruRPG.com

I have looked into publishing Quazerdale in a hardcover book form but as of yet, I haven’t found a cost effective way to do this. If the PDF is successful, I will definitely publish the project in hardcover form.

I’m pretty excited to have completed this milestone and can’t believe I’ve gotten to this stage after so much time with balancing a full time job and life in general.

I can’t wait to release Quazerdale and hope you enjoy it as much as I and the artists have enjoyed producing the anthology.

Speaking of which, above is a piece of teaser art from Jakub Rebelka which is featured in the project. It gives a small hint of what’s to come.

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  1. Congratulations! I know all too well the pains of such a journey to completion. When I did my layout work, I laid out for print and just reused the print layout work for digital. That way I didn’t have to maintain two different copies of layout and I was able to go to print much more quickly.

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